Gradient sparkles.

Cracking bit of artifical lighting for you there.

I gave in and got nail extensions. I have stupidly weak nails (my parents say I inherited it from them. Cheers) and any attempts to grow them ended in splitting, breaking and temper tantrums. So I parted with my hard earned cash – hahahahaha – and spent a whopping £21 on these, which a very sweet but slightly rough Chinese lady did for me. She told me I have ‘lovely little nails’ and then she had to file down the width of the smallest extensions, oops. I told her to leave them clear for me so I can paint them myself. She seemed genuinely gobsmacked by the prospect of me painting my OWN nails.

Anyway, like I said, I painted them myself as soon as I got home. I have no idea what the pink is – some sort of Nails Inc thing I got free with Glamour a while ago (I can’t go and look what the name is cause my lazy boyfriend’s asleep and it’ll only wake him up). It looks very similar to Elizabeth Street, which is available with the current issue that’s out. The glittery tips are a Forever21 shade I picked up when I was in Florida in the summer. I did take a look on the website but it seems it’s not available in the UK; if you’re an American it’s called Silver Sparkle. To get the gradient effect, all you need to do is wipe off most of the glitter from the brush, and paint the nail from about halfway up (down? Either way). Repeat, but start a little higher up and with a little more glitter on the brush each time you do it. By doing this you end up with more layers of glitter on the tip, and fewer further down, easy. You’ll need a good top coat with so many layers of polish, I will never recommend anything but Seche Vite and you need to buy it now. Like, right now.


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