How to style Disco Pants.

Okay, I don’t actually own any disco pants. I’m pretty sure I’d look like an overstuffed sausage in them: rule #1 of style – don’t pander to trends that you look ridiculous in. Take note, Lauren Goodger. But half of making a trend look good is knowing how to style it.

Disco pants might seem scary, but they’re actually pretty versatile -they can easily be dressed down for daytime or up for a night out. A good tip when you’re unsure of how to style something is to grab a load of random items out of your wardrobe and try them on with whatever it is you’re trying to match up. Chances are you’ll find something that looks good – it’s often hard to visualise items together so by trying on random things you’re bound to find something surprising that looks great.

I also recommend Type whatever it is you’re trying to style into the search bar and browse the results that come up – there are some incredibly stylish ladies on there who are bound to inspire you.

Alternatively, here are some day/night examples I’ve magicked up for you lazy ones. Hope it helps!


Mix up textures such as denim, studs, soft jerseys and chunky knits. Add casual, comfy shoes, on trend jewellery and patterned scarves to keep you warm.

 Night time 

Add glamour with heels and dressy tops. Cropped tops and bralets are great if you have a flat stomach, and collars and oversized clutches dress them up.

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